GST - Goods and Service Tax

Under GST Regime every business have to generate either Tax invoice or Bill of supply. Here a brief comparison chart showing difference between both of them. You can generate both from this website in Free and Fastest process.



It is used for all types of Taxable Sales (Supply)

(Local , Interstate)

It is used for all types of Exempt Sales


Sales by Composition Dealer

CGST, SGST, IGST, UTGST to be shown Separately

No Taxes to be shown on Bill

In Case of Unregistered Buyer, Name, Address State, Place of Delivery is compulsorily required if Invoice Value before taxes is more than 50000

No Such provision

Can be Used for Both Local and Central Sales

Can be Used for Both Local Sales in Case of Composition Dealer

(as Composition Dealer Cannot Make interstate Sales)

However, Exempt Sales can be made  to both Local and Central Sales


Common Points About Tax Invoice and Bill of Supply

  1. Name, Address, GSTIN No of Supplier
  2. Unique Serial Number of Each Invoice in one or multiple series (Can have Dash – orSlash /. But it should be different series for each year
  3. Date of Issue of Invoice
  4. Name, Address,GSTINof Supplier If Registered
  5. HSN Code of Goods
  6. Description of Goods
  7. Quantity as well as Quantity Code or Units
  8. Total Value
  9. Discount if any and Taxable Value (Total Value-Discount)
  10. Place of Supply (It is required For Interstate Sales)
  11. Address for Delivery
  12. Signature/Digital Signature of Authorized Signatory