Bill of Supply

Under GST there is two invoice or billing system. One for those they have to charge GST on there invoice is know as Tax Invoice and Others that not need to charge GST can generate Bill of Supply. Here we are providing free online Supply Bill Maker that will create supply in just 2 minutes. The supply bill is generated in PDF also or you can take print on plain paper or on your letterhead. This tool is free and fastest way to make Professional looking bill of supply in 2 minutes. It will save both your time and money.

1. What is Bill of Supply?

A Bill of Supply is issued when GST is not applicable on a transaction or when GST is not to be recovered from the customer.

2. Who should issue Bill of Supply?

The following registrants should issue Bill of Supply:

A. Composition Dealer

A taxpayer whose turnover is less than Rs 75 lac can opt for composition scheme. A dealer opting for composition scheme has to deposit tax on their receipts themselves, they are not allowed to collect any tax from their buyers. The GST has to be paid out of pocket by the composition dealer. They cannot charge GST in the invoice.

Thus a composition dealer has to raise a Bill of Supply instead of a Tax Invoice.

The composition dealer has to mention the words ‘composition taxable person not eligible to collect taxes on supplies’ on the Bill of Supply.

B. Exporters

An exporter is also not required to charge GST on their invoice. This is because exports supplies are zero-rated. Hence a taxpayer exporting goods can issue a Bill of Supply in place of a tax invoice.

The dealer has to mention the following in their Bill of Supply-

“Supply Meant For Export On Payment Of IGST” OR

“Supply Meant For Export Under Bond Or Letter Of Undertaking Without Payment Of IGST”

C. Exempted Goods Supplier

When registered dealer supplies exempt goods or services they are required to issue Bill of Supply.

For example, when a registered taxpayer provides unprocessed agricultural products they have to issue a Bill of Supply instead of a tax invoice.

3. Format of Bill of Supply?

The GST law has specified certain particulars that should be present in a Bill of Supply.

These are the details a Bill of Supply should have:

1. Name, address, and GSTIN of the supplier

2. Bill of Supply number (it must be generated consecutively and each Bill of Supply will have a unique number for that financial year)

3. Date of issue

4. If the recipient is registered then the name, address, and GSTIN of the recipient

5. HSN Code of goods or Accounting Code for services. The number of digits that are required to be mentioned based on turnover is as follows:

Turnover No. of HSN digits
Turnover less than 1.5 crores HSN code is not required
Turnover between 1.5 -5 crores 2-digit HSN code
Turnover above 5 crores must use 4-digit HSN code  





6. Description of goods/services

7. Value of the goods/services after adjusting any discount or abatement

8. Signature or Digital Signature of the supplier

You can easily create and print GST compliant Bill of Supply using Above Software in less than 2 minute.

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