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GST Tax Invoice : Here we are providing the simplest and Fastest Invoice Generation for Businesses. Here you can generate Tax invoice. Just put basic details and generate tax invoice in seconds. Here are pre-defined format that you can choose to print your Invoice. It's 100% free and fastest Invoice maker. No registration, no fees, use it to generate unlimited invoices and save your time and money. With this Free tax invoice maker you can take print on plain paper or if you like you have option to print on your company letterhead also. There is option to make PDF also, so you can generate your tax invoice and email it to your client just in 2 minutes. 

1. What is a GST Invoice?

An invoice or a bill is a list of goods sent or services provided, along with the amount due for payment.

2. Who should issue GST Invoice?

If you are a GST registered business, you need to provide GST complaint invoices to your clients for sale of good/services. If you are not gst registered then you can simply make Bill of Supply.

3. What are the mandatory fields a GST Invoice should have?

A tax invoice is generally issued to charge the tax and pass on the input tax credit. A GST Invoice must have the following mandatory fields:

  1. Invoice number and date
  2. Customer name
  3. Shipping and billing address
  4. Customer and taxpayer’s GST No. (if registered)*
  5. Place of supply
  6. HSN code/ SAC code
  7. Item details i.e. description, quantity (number), unit (meter, kg etc.), total value
  8. Taxable value and discounts
  9. Rate and amount of taxes i.e. CGST/ SGST/ IGST
  10. Whether GST is payable on reverse charge basis
  11. Signature of the supplier

*If the recipient is not registered AND the value is more than Rs. 50,000 then the invoice should carry:

   i. Name and address of the recipient,

  ii. Address of delivery,

  iii. State name and state code

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